Jason’s Journey: An Introduction


Fan4Racing writer, Jason Schultz was recently honored with a Sports Journalism Internship this summer. He has graciously agreed to share his internship experience over the next several weeks via a feature column, ‘Jason’s Journey.’  This week is his introduction and first assignment.  Watch for more updates of ‘Jason’s Journey,’ coming soon. ~Fan4Racing founder & managing editor~

Ever want to create the perfect race? Getting to pick out who does well, who crashes, and what bizarre things occur over the course of the event? Well, the first assignment for my sports journalism internship is exactly that. Creating the perfect race.

I don’t want to give away too many of the details, but simply, my job is to make up a fake recap of an event which basically means creating my ideal race. It’ll surely be fun and interesting and the greatest way to bring out my creativity.

Switching gears, I plan to discuss what I’ll be doing throughout my journey this summer. If you’re reading this, then you probably follow me on twitter (@Nascar_Jason_) and know I’m an aspiring NASCAR journalist and that’s my big dream. I was handed the opportunity to share my internship journey and my experiences in the NASCAR world. Over the course of the summer, I’ll be discussing lots of interesting things and what I may come across in NASCAR.

This column won’t be a typical one with ideas in order and the whole thing centered around one topic. I plan to just write as I would talk to anyone. Just imagine reading this as having a conversation with me, except I’ll be doing all the talking. So, sit back, listen, and enjoy as I share my journey and experiences from within NASCAR starting this summer.

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