Garrett Marchant Seeks Creative Ways to Race

Garrett Marchant stands by his 2013 fan car.  Photo -

Garrett Marchant stands by his 2013 fan car.
Photo –

Today, sponsorship is the only way a race car driver can move their career forward. There are so many drivers with a wealth of talent, and they’re all vying for the same sponsorship dollars which are limited.  The result means that many drivers are looking for unique ways to raise the money needed to race from one week to the next. It’s a process that is never-ending, until a major sponsor jumps on their bandwagon allowing them to rise to the next level. 

Garrett Marchant is a late-model driver working hard to raise the funds he needs to race. Last August he ran his Fan Car with a number of fans and sponsors supporting him for that particular race. It was so successful that, Marchant is including a Fan Car in his 2014 schedule again this year and everyone can take part.

But what some may not know, is that beyond the one or two Fan Cars Marchant runs this year, there are many weekends when he needs your support. And this is one of those weekends with perhaps more just around the corner. Any support fans and small business can lend will help this talented young driver race from one weekend to the next. Donations from $5-10-20 to $100-$200-$300 and more are always welcome. Of course, smaller donations may result in your name on the car with larger donations meaning larger sponsorship recognition on Marchant’s car.

Perhaps you can give once a week or once a month or maybe it’s once a year. Whatever you can do support race car drivers and their teams is always appreciated. There are many talented drivers looking for any help that comes their way.

What this young race car driver is doing is the very life blood of his racing career. To learn more about how you can help, visit his website or his fan car page

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