Spencer Gallagher Issues an Apology after an Incident with John Wes Townley at Gateway

Photo - Jerry Markland/Getty Images

Photo – Jerry Markland/Getty Images

On Monday, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver, Spencer Gallagher with GMS Racing issued the following apology after an incident, involving John Wes Townley with Athenian Motorsports late in the race at Gateway Motorsports Park last Saturday night.

“I would like to take time to address my actions at Gateway Motorsports Park this past weekend. First, I would like to apologize to John Wes Townley. Additionally, to his team and fans, I am sorry. The incident earlier in the race was not intentional and certainly was not meant to cause bigger problems later in the event. My crew, who have worked so hard to get me to where I am this season, did not deserve to have their night ended in that way. My teammates and all of the guys back at the shop deserve more respect than was shown Saturday night. I would also like to apologize to my team owner, who wholeheartedly believes in this organization and expects all of us to perform at our best at all times, no matter the situation. And finally, I would like to extend a sincere apology to the NASCAR community – representatives and fans. I love this sport just as much as all of you and I am ashamed that I was part of an incident that has allowed so many to view what we do in a negative light.”

Apparently, after some back and forth contact, the incident came to a head in the closing laps of the race with both trucks of Townley and Gallagher stopped on the track next to each other.

Townley exited his vehicle, crawled over the back of his truck and walked around Gallagher’s truck toward him.. Upon approaching Gallagher, who had also exited his vehicle, Townley made some comments then threw a punch. Gallagher responded by using some wrestling techniques, trying to subdue Townley. At one point Gallagher had put Townley down.

In the end, Townley walked away from Gallagher and both took separate ambulances to the infield, which assuredly ended with a visit to the NASCAR hauler for a more serious conversation with officials.

Typically NASCAR issues any penalties for such actions on Tuesday or Wednesday after a race weekend.