Confidence Growing for Michael Annett as he Grows with the JR Motorsports

Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images

Michael Annett from Des Moines, IA is happy to be at Iowa Speedway this weekend for the NASCAR Xfinity Series US Cellular 250 on Saturday afternoon. the 0.875-mile oval is his home track and he’ll have lots of support from family and friends. This has been a banner year for Annett who is racing with JR Motorsports and at this point of the season is now eighth in the series point standings and with one win under his belt, he’s on his way to his first playoffs this fall.

For Annett, his ride with JR Motorsports in the No. 1 has given him the chance to revive his career and this season has been a growing year for the veteran of racing. This year he’s been working hard at learning how to run up front rather than working hard to race from the back to mid-field.

“I haven’t been up there a whole lot the past couple of years,” says Annett about running upfront. “So, to be up there repeatedly and learning from mistakes, I think that’s where the confidence grows when you have a bad restart you know what you should have done different. And then that next restart you get it done and your confidence just continues to grow. Then you start trying things you normally wouldn’t just to keep growing your faith in the racecar.”

So, with the season winding down and Annett growing from his experience upfront, what track does he have circled in the playoffs this fall that gives his inspiration to be in the final four at Homestead in November?

“We’ve been really good at Texas recently,” says Annett. “Looking forward to that one especially because it’s a pretty important race to determine the final four going to Homestead. So, that one falls perfect for us. But there are a lot of mile-and-a-halves that we seem to be exceptionally better on compared to the short track program. Everythings really good. We just have to find that little bit extra to be up there with the best.”

Annett realizes that getting to Xfinity Series final four is going to require a great deal of focus and energy with the ‘Big Three’ competitors dominating the regular season to this point.

“Be tenacious as possible,” says Annett about his strategy for the playoffs. “Aggression is going to be key when you’re talking about restarts and just getting everything you can. It’s kind of no holes barred, it’s going to take everything you have to be consistent and put everything together.”

In the meantime, Annett is enjoying his time at Iowa Speedway and looks to run upfront some more as he prepares for his first playoffs contention for the series title this fall.

Michael Annett from Des Moines, IA is one to watch in the Xfinity Series this weekend and beyond as he continues to grow his confidence with JR Motorsports. Find out who wins the NASCAR Xfinity Series US Cellular 250 at Iowa Speedway on Saturday, July 27th at 4 pm ET on NBCSN.