BJ McLeod, Travis Braden Unite in New Short-Track Racing Program

BJ McLeod, Travis Braden form new short-track development program.

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (Jan 19, 2021) — BJ McLeod and Travis Braden join forces to develop a distinctive short track racing program, BJ McLeod Motorsports with Travis Braden. The program plans to provide a professional and turnkey, top-performing environment for developing drivers’ skills as they progress their careers. McLeod and Braden’s decades of experience in asphalt oval track racing complement their mutual goal to assist drivers in reaching their full potential both on and off the track. The broader scope of what their program has to offer is a direct career path to NASCAR which separates the team from many other programs.

Travis Braden, the 2019 Snowball Derby winner and BJ McLeod, a 2010 World Series of Asphalt Champion, see the advantages of partnering together to bring extensive knowledge and experience that contribute to developing each driver that joins the team to be a champion-caliber asset. McLeod, who has tackled the racing ladder hands-on, owns and operates three full time Xfinity Series teams in addition to co-owning Live Fast Motorsports, a NASCAR Cup Series team with a debut in the 2021 season. McLeod has over 260 starts in NASCAR and is on the forefront of elevating his teams to perform at a higher level each season. 

 “I’m looking forward to this endeavor with Travis and the opportunity to return back to where it all started, super late models, which is our roots,” McLeod said. “Our goal is to bring top-performing equipment and stellar coaching to enable drivers the opportunity to develop in the sport of short track racing, and Travis’s hands-on approach and success over the recent years will prove to be very valuable to the team.”

From the age of eight, Braden has worked his way up the racing ladder as an “outsider,” gaining years of experience while building a foundation for his racing career. Braden has spent recent years competing as a late model standout, collecting wins at marquee events such as the Snowball Derby, Winchester 400, and Kalamazoo Klash. Now, he wishes to build from his successes and continue giving back to the racing community.

“I’ve got a huge desire to expand my involvement in short track racing for years to come as I pursue the next phase of my driving career, working to compete in NASCAR,” Braden explains. “I want to see this sport continue to grow and watch the next generation flourish. When I came through the ranks, it was hard to progress without having any established names validating me to their audiences.  I can help change that now.” He added, “If I can help other drivers and brands maximize their value in this sport, it benefits everyone.”

The team will utilize Fury Race Cars to ensure top performance and safety for drivers. Collaborating with Fury, an organization focused on performance and dedication to the top-of-the-line competition will give BJ McLeod Motorsports with Travis Braden the foundation to stand out amongst other programs.

Followers can also expect to see BJ, Travis, and other established racers behind the wheel at a number of events each year, an integral part of ensuring that the team’s brand is well established and provides the largest possible platform for drivers and partners to capitalize on.