Patrick Staropoli and McCoy Open 2019 with a Victory at Citrus County Speedway

Patrick Staropoli on Fan4Racing Radio, Monday, February 4, 2019 at 8:40 pm ET – Photo/Courtesy of Patrick Staropoli

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Picking up from where they left off in 2018, Patrick Staropoli and Jim McCoy Racing continued their winning ways by coming home with a victory after a thrilling battle for the lead at Citrus County Speedway on Saturday night.

The No. 64 McCoy Racing Chevy started the day strong by posting the fastest time in final practice and qualifying fifth for the feature event. The inversion put Staropoli in third place to start the race.

Staropoli quickly made his way to the lead with an outside pass shortly after the first restart then he and Michael Atwell exchanged the top spot several times early in the race.

Then. Staropoli distanced himself, leading well past the lap 60 mark and lapping the field. However, contact on a late race restart almost saw the McCoy Racing entry slide into the infield grass, now putting Staropoli into scramble mode.

Racing hard, Staropoli chased down Atwell from several car-lengths back and made the pass for the lead with less than five laps to go, securing victory in the team’s first start of the season!