Cathy Venturini a Trailblazer at Venturini Motorsports, ARCA, and in Support of Women in Racing.

The Ultra Blue Crew – the first all-female pit crew in racing. Cathy Venturini second from the left front row, supporting her husband, Bill Venturini to his first ARCA Menards Series championship. Photo – Courtesy of Venturini Motorsports

Today there are several women competitors in the sport of racing, but few that are making their way to the upper ranks of NASCAR. Hailie Deegan is making waves winning and working her way through the NASCAR K&N Pro Series with Bill McAnally Racing and in the ARCA Menards Series with Venturini Motorsports. And although she faces resistance in the midst of her success, many feel she is the future of the sport and destined to stardom. For her path to the upper ranks, Deegan has chosen teams that are trailblazers with a lot of success in their respective areas. What stands apart though is Cathy Venturini with Venturini Motorsports, who in the 80s made her own waves to pave the way for women looking to break into a male-dominated sport while also facing resistance to success and her presence. Some may not even know her story and the important role she’s played not only within the family-owned team but how she’s opened the door for other women to take part and find success in the sport.

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