Five Tips to Meet your Favorite Driver During Race Weekend

We all hear the stories about lengths NASCAR fans will go, to get their favorite drivers’ autographs. When you’re trying to catch a driver at the right moment it can seem nearly impossible. It’s a mad house during race weekend while thousands of other fans are at the race track. Among the chaos, there are specific techniques used to get a once in a lifetime opportunity with your favorite driver.

After my experiences in the infield over the past few years, here are five tips I have learned on how you can meet your favorite driver. Continue reading

Sprint Cup Testing at Daytona Notes & Quotes

Notes-QuotesSCSLogo333x250With the Daytona’s Preseason Thunder Gen-Six testing underway there’s already a lot of enthusiasm from drivers, teams and fans!

The much anticipated testing of NASCAR‘s Generation-Six car at Daytona brings a rush of excitement and leaves everyone anxious for more as we contemplate the beginning of the season in February. In fact, the word of day has been “excitement,” from every corner of the NASCAR arena.

Notes & Quotes from Daytona offers fans, bits and quips of the sights and sounds from the World Center of Racing and Worthy of Note commentary to keep you in the loop with all the flurry of action and reactions from on and off the track. So stay tuned for updates for each day.  Continue reading

The Chase

Many of us are use to a heavy weight fight with two contenders in the ring.

But NASCAR does things a little different. They toss twelve contenders in the ring and ding the bell. Continue reading